Traveling to India in COVID-19 times

First I want to start with acknowledging that traveling in these times should be avoided. Nevertheless there are private situations that make it impossible to postpone traveling. In this post I want to provide my personal impressions of traveling to India (to the state of Rajasthan). Preparations Apart from getting a valid visa, anybody that... Continue Reading →

CeraVe favorites from year 2020

We can all proudly say that we survived the year 2020 and can look forward to what 2021 brings for us. 2020 can also be marked as the year where the focus changed drastically from make-up towards skin-care because we were forced to stay at home and there was no need of make-up and we... Continue Reading →

Easy cherry tomato mozzarella sandwich

There are some days where you crave for something nice for breakfast but don't have so much time to make something sophisticated. For those days here is a easy receipe for a quick whole toast tomato mozzarella sandwich made directly in a pan and you don't need a fancy sandwich maker for it. Ingredients These... Continue Reading →

Quick Hack: Beyerdynamic DT990 Edition pflegen

Heute möchte ich nur mit einer kurzem Artikel und einer kurzen Bildserie über die Pflege meines DT990 berichten. Es fing damit an, dass das alte Kopfband des Kopfhörers quasi auseinander gefallen ist, da die Weichmacher sich verflüchtigt haben. Ein völlig normaler Vorgang, den ich auch schon von meinen Boxen kannte. Da Beyerdynamic Kopfhörer eine sehr... Continue Reading →

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