Traveling to India in COVID-19 times

First I want to start with acknowledging that traveling in these times should be avoided. Nevertheless there are private situations that make it impossible to postpone traveling. In this post I want to provide my personal impressions of traveling to India (to the state of Rajasthan). Preparations Apart from getting a valid visa, anybody that... Continue Reading →

Things to do in and around Cochem

It has been long since we last wrote anything on our roaming blog, no wonder there is no roaming happening in these difficult times the world is facing due to corona. But working from home is also no consolation and we decided to take some time off from work and explore the neighbourhood. State of... Continue Reading →

Short trip to Hessen and four castles

On last Saturday my wife and I went on a short and spontaneous trip to Neckarsteinach. A small village around 30km away from our home just at the border between Hessen and Baden-Württemberg. The trip started with a somewhat unsuccessful try to reach Ochsenkopf, a point of view where you can check the landscape and... Continue Reading →

Day trip to Wetzlar, Germany

Wetzlar is a city located in the state of Hesse, Germany and is largely famous for the camera brand Leica headquarters (the camera with the red dot 😉 ) . We visited this town at the beginning of the year and we were not certain how much this town has to offer so we planned... Continue Reading →

Weekend trip to Freiburg am Breisgau

When it comes to travelling and Europe, generally Germany doens't show up on top of that list. Because all the other countries have so much to offer, right? France got Paris, Italy got Rome, Spain got Barcelona and all those pretty beaches and the list goes on, but does Germany has? Well be patient with... Continue Reading →

3 days in Rome travel itinerary

End of April we decided to finally have a small get-away from our busy work lives. As it was planned way late, we missed out on most of the online tickets but somehow we made it work in the end. Flight experienceAs we wanted to only fly from Frankfurt and not some smaller hard to... Continue Reading →

My Workcation in Vancouver

In end of September in 2018 I was lucky enough to be send to the Vancouver-office of the company I am working for to support another team there for two weeks. My trip pretty much started at Frankfurt Airport, here we arrived on time with the shuttle, but already to late. So the queue for... Continue Reading →

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