Weekend trip to Freiburg am Breisgau

When it comes to travelling and Europe, generally Germany doens’t show up on top of that list. Because all the other countries have so much to offer, right? France got Paris, Italy got Rome, Spain got Barcelona and all those pretty beaches and the list goes on, but does Germany has? Well be patient with me and you will see that there are so many pretty corners here as well. For starters we got black forest and Alps, when you love nature, you cannot ask for more.

I also belonged to those people who hardly found anything worth exploring in Germany but recently, my husband decided to change this attitude and resolved to explore the Country where we live.

So let’s go on a journey together. First stop in the Journey now is Freiburg. It’s a city located in Baden-Württemberg state and is part of southwest black forest.

Although we live not so far away from Freiburg (200Km), we still decided to stay overnight and make it a little vacation.

Where we stayed:

Even though the city is fairly small, it’s very popular among tourists and thus prices for accomodations are usually on the higher side. We stay at Holiday Inn Express – City Center  which was some 15 minutes walk away from the city center and still had affordable prices inclusive breakfast.

Things we did in Freiburg:

If you just want a list of things to do in Freiburg, this is where you start:

  1. Schauinsland & Schauinslandbergbahn
  2. Freiburger Münster
  3. Stadtgarten
  4. Schlossbergbahn
  5. Kanonenplatz
  6. Ludwigshöhe
  7. Schwabentor
  8. Wiwilibrücke
  9. Theater Freiburg

1. Schauinslandbahn and Schauinsland

There is a long gondola ride awaits you here which takes around 20 minutes until you are on top of the mountains. The rides are filled with amazing views and in total it costed us 26€ for round trip. But if you happen to be there in summer, may be you can just climb up and make a picnic on the way.

If you happen to be in Freiburg for just one day, make this your first agenda item, you will thank me later.

Some photos for your reference:

This was the view from the Schauinsland tower. Although there was no snow whatsoever in the region this year, atleast on top of the mountains you could still see some.

2. Freiburger Münster, Stadtgarten

Freiburg is not really a big city and all the attraction are located pretty close to each other. Start from Freiburger Münster and walk your way towards Stadtgarten (city park), if you feel like taking another ride after Schauinslandbahn, take the ride to the castle with the Schloßbahn and once back, now its time to walk towards Kanonenplatz (or canon place).

Freiburger Münster is hard to miss. You will see it from almost everywhere. If you are lucky and it’s a Saturday, there is a market right under the Münster, you can buy there all sort of vegetables, sausages and flowers and other handmade stuff.
Enjoy a walk through the park and you will see people performing. There is also a cute cafe in the park and you will know the location by looking at the people queuing.

3. Kanonenplatz

Congratulations, you survived the steep walk to Kanonenplatz and your reward is the beautiful views of the city.

4. Wiwienbrücke

This bridge is a bicycle only bridge but you will see people climbing the bridge and enjoying their beers here. If the day is good, you can witness beautiful sunsets here.

Where we ate:

My husband and me both being vegeratarians, we can only recommend you vegetarian friendly places but trust me, you won’t regret eating there.

  • mm! – leckerbar
    • They had amazing sandwiches and potato soup. The prices are on higher side for such simple homemade kind of food but if you are on hurry and don’t want to look for something, it’s worth the money. This was our lunch place.
  • Adelhaus
    • This is the place if your if you are looking for variety (buffet style) and bio and an amazing atmosphere. They offer dish of the day as well which you can order or go crazy with the buffet. You pay as per the weight of the food that you have taken and food tastes delicious.

What about my Schwarzwaldtorte or Black forest cake?

You will get it at lot of places. We tried it at cafe Schmidt, which is a very old cafe. The cake was delicious but nothing extraordinary and the staff couldn’t care less about the customers.

That was it for a short and sweet Freiburg trip. Do let me know in comments how was your experience in Freiburg and if you have other suggestions for places for day trips, drop them down there. Have an amazing trip you guys.

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