Day trip to Wetzlar, Germany

Wetzlar is a city located in the state of Hesse, Germany and is largely famous for the camera brand Leica headquarters (the camera with the red dot ­čśë ) . We visited this town at the beginning of the year and we were not certain how much this town has to offer so we planned an overnight stay as well.

Where to stay

If you are going to Wetzlar for the whole Leica experience, you must stay at the Vienna House hotel which is located directly at the Leica Museum and also have the same theme for hotel interior.

Karl at the Vienna House hotel.

Things to do in Wetzlar

Even though we planned it as a weekend trip, if you are coming from not far way, a day trip would also suffice for Wetzlar but don’t forget to check the opening timing for Leica Museum, it’s closed on Sundays and closes at 6PM on all other days. Here is a list of essential places that you need to check out in Wetzlar.

  • Leica Museum (Ernst Leizt Museum)
  • Wetzlar cathedral
  • Goethebrunnen (Goethe fountains)
  • Lottenhaus
  • Old Lahn Bridge (Altelahnbr├╝cke)
  • Walking trails behing the leica gallery

That is more or less the extensive list of thing that you can look at. All in all the whole town is very picturesque and offers beautiful view from the old bridge.

The old bridge seperates the old town from new town and the bridge changes the perspective completely.

Old Lahn bridge
Wetzlar cathedral
Some pretty views from Wetzlar
Leica Museum
Views from the Leica park walking trails. I can imagine in summer, the view will be magnificent.

Where to eat in Wetzlar

Well this is the most trickiest part. You will find plenty of places for lunch and breakfast but if you are more of a big dinner kind of person, you are going to find it hard in Wetzlar. At 6PM most of the restaurants start closing already and the ones you will find open, are too expensive for the quality they offer.

Breakfast / brunch place if you are looking for, I have just the right place for you. Its Olaf’s Kochschule and they have the most amazing tarts. They also offer weekly menu and you can order the dish of the day. If you want something warm, try their hot chocolate drink, it will blow your mind. Rather than putting cacao powder in it, you get to mix your chocolate chips in the hot milk and you can choose if you want milk chocolate or white chocolate. Doesn’t that sound heavenly? (Even their toilet looks so classy )

That was it for Wetzlar people. If you find the tips and lists helpful or find something missing, leave it in the comments. Have a great day and thanks for reading.

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