Going plastic free step by step with PlasticFreeOctober

With few other colleagues at work, I started a PlasticFreeOctober initiative to motivate people to go plastic free or at least reduce the single use plastic consumption in our daily lives. I don’t need to reiterate on the negative effects the plastic waste has on our environment. Each and everyone of us is subconsciously aware of that and only thing missing to do something against it is the consciousness while doing everyday chores such as shopping or eating out or grabbing a quick bite or coffee. In this blog post, I would try to pour out my struggles. So keep an eye on it.

  • Going no plastic (glass) milk bottle
  • Replacing plastic based shampoo bottle with shampoo bar (this one is from Lush Honey I washed my hair and the smell is just amazing. Whole bathroom is filled with the mild fragrance of this shampoo bar and as per the lady from store, it should last for 80 washes. Loving it.
  • Honey: Now that our honey which came in plastic bottle is over, we switched to a slightly better alternative from the same brand Langnese. The lid of the jar is still plastic and it would be great if they can switch to metal lid.
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