Asics Gel-Cumulus Review – end of life

These days it seems like running is the only activities, which doesn’t require to you be hyper-cautious about the covid regulations. All you need is a good pair of running shoes and some nice forest to enjoy those runs.

We are blessed when it comes to having forests around us. 1.69 kms of running on the street and we are already in the forest and then we can run as long as we want to inside the forest without having to worry about cars and people, social distancing and masks as there is literally nothing going on other than the trees growing in peace.

Let’s come to the second important part of enjoying a run, yes you guessed it right, the pair of shoes. End of last year I decided to have two pairs of shoes and then I always alternated between them. And finally one of them has reached end of the life.

I own ASICS Gel-Cumulus 19 and Brooks Ghost 12 right now and as per my Garmin Connect, my ASICS has reached the maximum recommended kms on them.

Usually we only get the reviews of shoes, where someone tried the shoes for few weeks. How about a review when the shoes are just done. So here it goes: the end of life review of ASICS Gel-Cumulus 19.

The Good

  • How the shoe fits around the foot is amazing. If you are someone who likes a tigher fit on the back side of the foot, you will like these shoes.
  • Running on the hard surfaces has a nice feel throughout the lifetime with these shoes and the feet don’t slide or move inside the shoes and grip is good.

The Bad

  • If the path also contains gravel, these shoes are way too soft and don’t give you the grip and shock absorption that you need. I didn’t like the 3kms on my path which is more stones and gravel with these shoes, but with the Brooks Ghost 12, it’s a different story.
  • The shoe degrades pretty fast and with every 100 kms, the comfort just goes down in terms of how hard the foot lands on the surface. Now after almost 640 kilometers, it feels pretty soft.
  • Not so comfortable during long runs, takes the fun out of runs after 10kms.

Should you go for it?

Yes, if you are looking for a pair of shoes which won’t cost you a world ( I bought mine for some 50€ on , ofcourse it was two generations behind when I bought them) and you don’t want to go for long runs with it.

No, if you go too often for long runs and the path is not completely asphalt. And also no, if you don’t want to toss out the shoes out of window at 640KMs. I swear, I had more than 800KMs on my Brooks and they still felt good after all those kilometers. On the other side, these shoes already feel done at 640KMs. No worries, I will use them for some time as walking shoes and then will recycle them at any Timberland store.

Leave in the comments, how do you feel about these shoes and happy running.

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