Animal Crossing New Horizons: Bunny Day 2021 Guide

If you are also an ACNH fan like us, you must also be thrilled about Bunny Day on 4th April this year. Bunny Zipper must have already visited you to give the heads up about the 6 kinds of Easter Egg that you need to collect and DIY recipes you need to build in order to get the suprises from Zipper on Easter Sunday.

To help you collect all the Eggs and make all the needed DIY recipes, we have created two video sources for you. These videos will walk you through all the eggs and DIY recipes that you need to collect.

Guide to get all the Bunny Day Easter Eggs
All the DIY recipes for Bunny Day revealed.

I hope these sources help you get ahead in the Bunny Day game. Don’t foget to subscribe to our channel if you like the videos.

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